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Ms Amy Whittle

Safeguarding, Pastoral and Inclusion Lead

The Role of the Safeguarding, Pastoral and Inclusion Lead (SPIL) at Rossmore School

Ms Whittle is the Safeguarding, Pastoral and Inclusion Lead at school. She is part of the staff team whose role it is to work with pupils, parents, staff and other outside agencies to identify strategies that will help children to get more out of their time in school.

Her aim is to help children to practise skills that will help them to concentrate in the classroom and to build positive relationships with both children and adults. She will also help children to develop confidence and positive self esteem as children learn best when they feel happy about themselves.

All sorts of children can benefit including children who:

Have a record of poor attendance

Lack enthusiasm to work

Lack confidence / have poor self esteem

Do not adapt to changes

Have recently suffered death / loss in the family

Fall behind with work

Have difficulty in organising them selves

Have a variety of difficult behaviours

Have anger management issues

Are young carers

Have difficulty in controlling emotions

Have problems within the home

Are involved with Social Care

So as you can see the SPIL works with a huge range of children across the whole ability range. SPILs can work with children on an individual basis and/or in small groups. Parents can ask the SPIL  for help, or the class teacher can make a referral. Although children will be taken out of their normal classes for these sessions, it is expected that the improvement in the child’s progress will normally compensate for this and it is usually done on different days/ times so the same lesson is not being missed.

SPILs can work with children for a short time; say just a few weeks, or for longer periods. Outside agencies can be contacted for additional help, where more specialised support is needed. Parents can contact the SPIL to see how their child is getting on, and to offer additional information that would benefit getting the best help for your child.

If you have any concerns about your child working with Ms Whittle or if you want more information, then please contact either Ms Whittle or Mrs Davis-McCoy, the Head Teacher.

Useful websites and links...

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Stanlaw Abbey Business Centre 0151 356 8046


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